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Welcome to Killeen Asphalt Paving. We’re an asphalt paving, asphalt sealing, and concrete paving company serving residential homeowners and commercial customers throughout Killeen, Texas, and surrounding areas.

We take pride in offering premium concrete services and asphalt installations.

Our paving work isn’t just great to look at, it’s durable and long-lasting too.

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Paving Services in Killeen, TX

Killeen Paving Pros will enhance your home or business with beautiful asphalt and concrete paving. We have years of experience, use the best materials and equipment, and because we are specialists, we can offer you outstanding value for money.

Killeen Paving Pros isn't a general contractor or subcontractor -- we specialize in the following paving services:

• Asphalt pavement.
• Concrete paving.
• Asphalt sealcoating.
• Asphalt and concrete repair.
• Driveway paving.
• Commercial paving installations, including warehouse flooring, commercial asphalt parking lots, loading bays, roads and pedestrian walkways.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a great paving option, particularly if you need to pave a large area or if your construction site is awkwardly shaped or located. Asphalt may not have the immediate visual pop of a pristine expanse of new concrete, but it’s usually less expensive, environmentally friendly, and simple to maintain.

Most of our asphalt paving services takes the form of parking lots and commercial walkways around a property. All our asphalt paving locations are carefully prepared, and we apply a solid substrate layer to make sure your blacktop stays put and functions as expected long-term.


Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Concrete and asphalt are amazingly durable construction materials. Even with zero maintenance, these surfaces will typically last for years. But eventually, even these weather and impact-resistant materials are going to need care.

We provide a range of asphalt patching and concrete repair services including:

Crack repair: Little cracks soon become bigger cracks if not sealed! We’ll seal the cracks in your old paving to keep harmful water out.

Pothole repair: Large indentations in your paving aren’t just ugly, they’re a safety hazard. We won’t just patch your paving potholes. We’ll also look for the underlying cause and fix your problem where it began.

Slippery surfaces: Old concrete in particular can become slippery and treacherous. We can perform overlays, chip seal and resurfacing to your paving to ensure it continues to offer safe, high-traction walking surfaces and parking areas.

Oh, and a quick piece of advice from a company that has done more concrete and asphalt repairs than we can count: act sooner rather than later! As soon as you see the damage, get us out to take a look. A small repair now often avoids a bigger repair down the line.


Asphalt Sealcoating

We offer a quick, no-hassle asphalt sealcoating service. In just a few hours, we can transform your shabby looking blacktop paved surface into a fresh, rejuvenated walking surface.

Asphalt sealer can add years to the shelf life of your asphalt. Moreover, it’s inexpensive and fast. You can usually be driving on a sealcoated surface again in as little as 24 hours.

This is a great option too if you are planning to sell your home. Asphalt seal coat is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your home’s street appeal.


Concrete Paving

For concrete to look perfect, everything has to come together. The mix has to be right and the site has to be perfectly prepared. Even external conditions like the weather and surrounding landscape have to be factored into a pour. Every concrete paving job is different. Our concrete contractors have decades of collective experience, and we take pride in delivering a perfect concrete installation every time.

Our concrete paving workmanship includes driveways and walkways. But we also offer parking lots, hwy paving, garage flooring, and large-scale commercial jobs including warehouse floors and parking lots.

Concrete landscaping needn’t look drab. Killeen Paving Pros offers you many aesthetic choices, including stained concrete, stamping and texturing, and custom finishing.


Commercial Paving

Commercial paving is similar to residential paving work, but it’s not exactly the same. Some commercial properties like apartment complexes have specific safety, fire lane, signage, line striping and curbing requirements for paving. We offer parking lot maintenance, parking lot striping, stencils and other pavement markings.

On top of that, whatever paving you use, you need to be sure it’s constructed for extremely heavy wear -- whether from a constant barrage of customer-vehicle and freight traffic, or just the added demands of regular foot traffic throughout your premises.

Our commercial paving is high quality and extremely durable. Just like a well-constructed retaining wall or quality roofing, our paving represents a good investment you can rely on for decades. We also install with an eye for flexibility. If you tell us your peak trading hours and accessibility priorities, we’ll build our construction schedule to cater to those needs.


Driveway Paving

We construct both concrete and new asphalt driveways for our residential and commercial customers. Whatever your aesthetic tastes, we’re confident we can deliver a driveway installation that makes your property glow out with a fresh burst of curb appeal.

We also specialize in asphalt and concrete driveway paving that’s safe year-round. Our surfaces are non-slip, allow good moisture runoff, and are built to provide a stable, wear-resistant surface for heavy vehicle use.


Putting Our Principles Into Practice

We care about what we do. We’re committed to providing that little bit extra so that our customers aren’t just satisfied but also blown away with the quality of our paving products and fulfill all of their paving needs.

What does that look like?



Many of our new customers imagine that concrete and asphalt always look the same. That doesn’t have to be true at all!

Work with us, and we’ll offer you a complete catalog of finishing choices, both in asphalt and concrete. These include:

Coloring: Concrete can be stained and polished to provide any number of dazzling finishes, from polished industrial flooring to earth and wood tones for outdoor areas.

Texture: We can also tailor your texture’s paving. For example, you might be looking for high traction surfacing in walkway areas that get a lot of rain. Or you might be interested in textural features that match other materials.

Function: Our commercial customers in particular frequently require paving built to demanding specifications. You might be looking for an extremely hard-wearing factory floor, or you may need a parking lot that can withstand heavy vehicle traffic.

We cater to a wide range of aesthetic and functional requirements.



At the same time, we strive not to overwhelm you!

Our experienced concrete and asphalt paving contractors are always available to offer advice on your paving build. Throughout the course of any project, our site supervisors will keep you updated on progress and guide you through every decision.

We also work hard to make your life easier logistically. Our pavers show up on time, stick to our agreed building schedule, and have the time flexibility to minimize any inconvenience.

Our goal is to make the process easy for you.



We specialize in concrete and asphalt paving, so you can bet that we make every effort to do it right! All our equipment and vehicles are carefully maintained. Our team is a dedicated workforce who are always available when needed.

Well-maintained equipment and a skilled professional staff will always do a better job than companies who do a little bit of paving on the side!

We run a tight ship, which means much less guesswork for you, our customers.



We also have the ability to work at scale. Because asphalt and concrete are our core work, we can purchase all our building materials in bulk. And we can pass our considerable supply savings on to you in the form of affordable pricing.

Our work is also guaranteed for durability. Your low, predictable maintenance costs can greatly lower your long-term outlay and generally make your life that much easier!



And last but not least, customer service! There’s a simple reason we’re trusted as paving professionals in the Killeen, Texas area. We care about the customer experience.

If you have questions about paving, we’ll be happy to share information with you — even if you aren’t looking for driveway contractors or a professional asphalt company right now.

We offer no-obligation, free quotes that give you a detailed and accurate breakdown of cost.
Before construction, we’ll walk you through a detailed site inspection so that you know what’s going on. Before work begins, you’ll get a costed work plan and site schedule.

During construction, our site supervisor is always available to answer your questions.
After your paving is complete, we’ll perform a quality assurance inspection. If you have any concerns, we’ll address them for you.

And to cap it all off, we’re friendly! We welcome inquiries from all residential and commercial customers in central Texas. Or if you prefer, just drop us a line using the contact form.

Whatever your paving requirements, you can trust Killeen Paving Pros to deliver a professional result. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can have peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

Our asphalt contractors service Georgetown, New Braunfels, Round Rock, Cedar Park, San Marcos, Hutto, Buda, Waco, Belton, Fort Hood, Pflugerville, Leander, Harker Heights, Ada, Killeen and the Greater Austin Area (even Fort Worth and San Antonio).

If you have any questions about our paving services, we’d love to get the conversation started! You can fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Thanks again for visiting Killeen Paving Pros. We look forward to working with you!