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Asphalt and Concrete Repair


Old or poorly maintained concrete and asphalt will eventually degrade, especially if it’s exposed to the elements. Some of these problems are superficial and slight, like tiny cracks or irregular surfacing. Other problems can be quite hazardous — like potholes or uneven, slippery surfaces.

Killeen Paving Pros can deal with all these problems, restoring your asphalt and concrete paving to perfect condition.


Our First Piece of Advice: Don’t wait!

We get asked this question a lot: When is the right time to get my paving fixed?

Our answer is always the same: get your faulty paving looked at as soon as possible. It isn’t just a personal safety issue. It’s also that small damage can so quickly escalate into bigger problems if not dealt with swiftly.

Think of it as a cracked tooth. Get to the dentist that week and you’ll be fixed up and on your way in a half hour. Wait six months and you may be dealing with a much bigger (and more expensive!) problem.

Whatever fix you need, we’ll send a site inspector out to your location to give you a free no-obligation quote on a repair.


What can we fix?

Well, we’ve been in this business a while! If it’s made of concrete or asphalt and it’s busted, we’ll know how to make it right. Here are some of the more common repair jobs we look at for our customers:


  • Cracks and potholes

Whether you’re dealing with asphalt or concrete, cracks and potholes are usually just the same problems at different points along a timeline. Tiny cracks in poorly maintained asphalt or concrete gradually widen over time.

Once the rain gets in, that crack will rapidly expand to a full-blown fissure. And then, if you leave it long enough, a big nasty pothole.

We’ll come to your location and perform a full site inspection. We’ll identify what caused the damage and tailor a long-term fix for your paving.


  • Crumbling

Both asphalt and concrete can crumble around the edges. We can neaten these edges up for you, and make sure that the erosion stops in its tracks.


  • Unsightly surfaces

Sometimes your paved surfaces just look old and tired. UV damage, vehicle traffic, and a few too many rainy seasons will all gradually degrade your paving’s pristine appearance.

We’ll rejuvenate your paved surfaces. We offer refinishing of concrete surfaces as well as asphalt sealcoating surfaces. Your paving will look brand new again in no time.


  • Unsafe surfaces

If you get a lot of rain, good traction in your driveway and walkways is an essential safety feature. We’ll clean and retexture slippery and irregular surfaces to make sure they’re safe for pedestrian traffic.


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