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Commercial Paving Service


Making sure your commercial property is equipped with safe and reliable walking and driving areas is an essential part of making a good first impression. Whether you’re constructing your business frontage from a bare construction lot, or if you’re looking to revamp an existing property, Killeen Paving Pros can help you with a wide variety of professional, customized paving solutions.


Why choose to work with Killeen Paving Pros?

Here are three compelling reasons:


1. We are fast and reliable

None of our customers would want us to go slow! But speed is essential for most of our commercial clients. Every day of construction is a day of potential customer disruption, so it’s important that your paving job is completed swiftly and to plan.

We can offer this much-needed speed and reliability because we’re dedicated paving contractors.

Our team is always on-call and capable of working in off-peak shifts to minimize disruption to your business.


2. We work with commercial-grade materials

Residential paving and driveway construction won’t always cut it on commercial properties. The relentless onslaught of heavy vehicles, and the hard wear most shop and warehouse floors are regularly subjected to all call for construction approach using the toughest materials.

Our company will install thick asphalt or concrete layers and sub-layers to ensure your paved surfaces will stay sound for years with minimal maintenance.


3. We’ll make sure your paving looks great

Finally, we’ll make your paving look good — and in keeping with your existing layout and decor. We offer a wide range of finishes and will work with you to produce a paved surface that gives your property that all-important professional appearance.


Commercial Paving Services

Looking for commercial paving? Here are some of the ways we can help:

Clear, code-compliant asphalt striping: Clear asphalt striping for your asphalt parking lot is crucial for keeping your visitors safe. But good asphalt striping isn’t just easy to see and fade-resistant. It also needs to be compliant with Killeen’s local town municipal parking code.

We’re familiar with local conditions and code requirements, so you can be confident we’ll deliver flawless asphalt striping every time. We can also freshen up your existing parking lot striping, and completely repaint parking lots with new asphalt striping demarcation.

Concrete floors that last: From strictly utilitarian loading bays to slick, polished concrete shop flooring.

Safe Roads and Walkways: Durable and high-traction roads and walking paths that’ll keep drivers, customers and staff safe.

Customer-friendly Parking lots: Concrete or asphalt, both available at any scale. We work quickly and can construct your parking lot in phases to ensure your customers always have access to your front door.

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