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Driveway Paving


Good curb appeal can increase your property’s value by over ten percent. And what’s the first thing you see when you pull up to a new home? Its driveway. A beautifully presented concrete driveway is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Killeen Paving Pros are experts in concrete driveway installation.


Why Concrete Driveway Paving?

There are a few good reasons, but one of the most compelling reasons comes down to aesthetics. Installed correctly, a concrete driveway can look stunning.

Long gone are the days when concrete had to look bare, basic, and industrial. Concrete can be stained in a huge range of colors, from subtle to vibrant. Concrete can be stamped and textured to give any number of finishes: from eye-pleasing geometric forms to subtle textures to motif-stamped finishes. Concrete can also be constructed to offer a safe walking surface whatever the weather conditions.

Concrete is also wonderfully durable. Constructed the right way, you can expect years of hard outdoor wear, even in our tough Texas climate.

For a lasting investment that adds significantly to the value of your home, you really can’t go wrong with a beautifully presented concrete driveway.


Why Choose Killeen Paving Pros?

We’re a smart choice for your concrete installation because we specialize in concrete and asphalt paving. Any contractor can stir up some concrete and slap it down in a hastily constructed form.

But it takes skill, experience, and the right equipment to make it great. And after all, you’ll be looking at that concrete paving for a long time, so it’s worth getting right! are concrete driveway and paving professionals. We can offer you a free site inspection and no-obligation quote. We’ll walk you through all your concrete finishing options so that you end up with a driveway you can be proud of.


If you’d like to learn more about our concrete driveway and paving options, please reach out to us by phone or using our contact form. We’ll describe the construction process in detail, and happily answer any questions. We welcome commercial and residential inquiries.

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